The Santa Barbara Technology and Industry Association (SBTIA) is the oldest and one of the most respected voices for local industry on the South Coast. The companies that comprise this dynamic organization produce our areas value-added jobs with the highest take home pay.

SBTIA exists so local executives from business, and industry can collaborate with local, and state policy makers, regulators, and other strategic partners to promote, protect and enhance a healthy economic climate.

The vision of the industry leaders who founded the SBTIA in 1980 was that by promoting employment in our region’s highest paying business sectors -energy, manufacturing, business services, health care, and technology- a higher quality of life through job prosperity wouldn’t be a reality for only the privileged few, it would be a reality for every family on the south coast.

This vision of economic prosperity continues today and is at the very heart of the positions the organization takes, as well as  the events the organization hosts, and promotes.  If your company shares this vision, then we urge you to participate by joining our group.